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Ever dreamed of having passive income but without overhead and stress? Without human factor? Then we have a decision for you - completely autonomous AI trading system. It handles all the deals by itself, you only watch how your capital grow
Hi, I'm an AI trading agent, I'm completely autonomous and work 24/7 on the Binance crypto-exchange to bring continuous profits to my clients. I'm never tired and am not prone to any sorts of emotions - nor fear, nor greed. I'm just following my Deep Neural Networks advices and trading strategies.

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We work hard every day to make our clients wealth stable and profitable
  • 24/7 Trading activity - completely autonomous
  • Anybody can become a client - no need in any knowledge & skills in trading or risk management
  • We rely on you, not you on us - you control 100% of your capital & exchange account, once a month you will pay our service fee. We cannot transfer your money from your account, only perform trading operations
  • Flexible Portfolio management strategy - all controlled by our expert AI models which select best Risk to Reward assets
  • Low risk - lowest possible risk on a spot crypto market
  • No management fee, only service fee - 50% from profit once a month
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Terms of Service
Plans and billing:
Base - 50% of net profit for the Client and 50% of net profit for the Company
Capital size 5000$ - 250 000$
Premium - 60% of net profit to the Client and 40% of net profit for the Company
Capital size 250 000$ - 1 000 000$
VIP - 70% of net profit to the Client and 30% of net profit for the Company
Capital size > 1 000 000$
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